Works so far

One Line For Your Mind - a meditiation companion with no courses, voices or pressure

Ephemerant - a Zero-Knowledge primitive for connecting users in ephemeral cohorts based on common behaviour

You'll get an occassional email when I make something new.

I work under a pseudonym to stop my ego from interfering with honest work.

In various languages, voboda means liberty, will, need, obvious, affirmative, fabric, and water. To me, it means something between all those: the source of intention.

If you want to know a little about me, I'm a mixed-race, mixed-culture person, who's lived in diverse places across this little rock we share. I've traveled for love, curiosity, business, and of course, for fomo. Been homeless a few times, and worked my way to some upper echelons of our economy and society.

But does any of that matter? I was so busy figuring it out that I never really asked myself, why this it?

All I know is I want to help people communicate and learn from each other.

I just make things I wish existed, and leave the door open for others to use them too.